Main Vegan Deli No Buffalo Mozza - Soy based (nut-free)

Main Vegan Deli No Buffalo Mozza - Soy based (nut-free)

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Beautiful, creamy and tangy our plain mozzarella style cheese, which melts and stretches making it perfect for pizza night or every night! This cheese can be sliced or shredded and makes a wonderful caprese salad or topping on a lasagna or mac and cheese.

Main Vegan Deli products are ethically and locally sourced, organic where possible and always non GMO. All of our nut cheeses are hand made and packaged to order.

"Our cheeses are handcrafted using traditional cheese making methods. Cashews and hemp are cultured using a variety of vegan cultures to achieve the perfect degree of sharpness.

The cheeses are then rind washed and aged to perfection, the firm cheeses are suitable for shredding and slicing while the softer cheeses make a beautiful addition to your cheese plate or paired with our exquisite plant meats on a charcuterie board."

Size: 160 grams